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Friday, 19 July 2019


Trying to come up with new blog content isn't always the easiest, I have been in that position many times and it can be so frustrating; that my friend is called a writer's block. So if you are a new blogger or if you have been blogging for a long time here is a list of 50 blog post  ideas to help you regain your flow of writing back up and running again.

1. Write a get to know me to tag

This is a great way to start your blog by letting people know a little more about yourself. 

2. Talk about your hobbies

In this post you can also introduce the type of things you will talk about on your blog and also letting people know what you are really interested in. Whether its fashion, beauty or travel, write about it so your readers know. This will help to attract a lot of attention to your blog. 

3. Your Blogging equipment 

This is another great way to connect will with your readers; when you share all these things in a resource page of your blog. I have also written in a post about how I spent less than £50 to start my YouTube channel, not only did I do that but I also shared the links to where I managed to buy my equipment. 

4. Do makeup reviews

Writing about makeup products and reviewing the latest products is always a good idea, as there is constantly new makeup being brought out. Readers like to know what products are trending and they always like to read the reviews about them. 
Blogging can get very difficult and in this blog I have listed 50 blog post ideas that will help you regain your flow of blogging again.

5. Share you your goals

It's always motivational when you share your goals with others, you never know you could be uplifting someone's day. 

6. Review an event you just attended

Talking about the events you attended is a way to get engagement with your readers, 

7. Talk about your favourite makeup brand

8. Do a closet haul

9. Review a book 

10. Share your favourite recipes 

11. Write a letter to your younger self

12. Share a wishlist 

13. Share your makeup tips

14. Share your bucket list

15. Review a brand

16. Talk about wardrobe essentials

17. Make a list of your favourite bloggers/ youtube/ Instagram accounts

18. Talk about your favourite apps

19. Share your editing apps for Instagram

20. Create a hairstyle tutorial

21. Give career advice

22. Talk about your favourite health or fitness tips

23. OOTD

24. Give academic advice / high school, college, University tips

25. Share your recent travel

26. Share 15 ways to style with 5 pieces of clothing

27. Write something personal

28. Share motivational tips

29. Give techy tips to fellow bloggers

30. Share your life in your day job

31. Talk about the latest fashion trends

32. Host a Giveaway 

33. Post something seasonal

34. Share your skills

35. Talk about what inspired you to start your blog

36. Do your skincare routine

37. Share your morning routine

38. Write a lookbook post 

39. Share self-care tips

40. Write posts on empowerment

41. Talk about things you would love to learn and why 

42. Talk about things you are passionate about

43. Write Travel Itinerary about places you have been

44. Share blogging tips

45. Write a How to post

46. Do a photo diary

47. Time management Hacks

48. Productivity

49. Girl boss habits

50. Personal development tips. 

There you go, 50 blog post ideas, hope this was helpful and will help stop the writers blogging. Goodluck! 



We all have the desire to be successful in life, we want the money, the cars, and to have the same level of influence as Oprah Winfrey has in the world. But most people aren't willing to work hard for it, they aren't ready for the commitment to build their skill set that will make them eligible for that high level of success. Some people are lucky enough to have everything handed to them, but for others this comes a long with hard work and dedication.

Being committed to learning your craft takes a lot o f passion and strength, it is up to you to challenge yourself and remain focused to the things you want in life. If you are not pushing yourself to be the greatest at you craft then you need to evaluate your situation and decide whether you want to remain comfortable or to fight to achieve greater things.

To be a master of your craft it takes a lot of patience, you will go through a lot of trial and error but this is what makes you better. It will help bring everything you desire into fruition because you are able to discipline yourself and remain focused on the important things. When you find a skill that you are interested in or you know that it will elevate your career, you need to be able graft that skill in order to be excellent at it.  

Learning new things can be so frustrating but in order to be a girl boss you shouldn't limit yourself.  You find that there is a lot of people who are a jack of all trades but a master of nothing. This is due to a lack of patience and care to graft their skills.

Patience is a virtue and in order to be really good at something you have to be willing to take the time and learn your craft fully. This is a skill that has helped me focus and fully learn the things that I want to work for me as a girl boss. 

Here are the 5 steps you need to take in order to successfully master your craft. 






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